About Craniosacral Therapy

BCST is a profound therapy that uses a light reverential, touch. The calm presence created by your practitioner enables your body’s central nervous system to feel safe and supported. Allowing it to switch from a state of ‘Fight and Flight’ to ‘Rest and Digest’. Positive change towards better health and healing can begin.
The therapy acknowledges the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
It is suitable for Newborn Babies through to the Elderly.

The power of touch is etched into every cell of our body. Our first attachments are primarily based around touch; in utero to the mother’s womb and as babies to survive we relied on a relationship involving touch. The touch offered by a Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner brings clients back to the more primal cellular stage as experienced in utero, before life’s experiences created patterns of experience.

The structures of the human body organise themselves through the practice of Biotensegrity a synergy of co-existing pairs working together, push and pull. The muscular skeletal system (just one of the systems in the body) is a synergy of muscle and bone; the muscle providing continuous pull and the bones discontinuous push. BCST comes into relationship with the whole, being aware that when there is force to one part of this structure it distorts the balance of the whole.
The body’s structure (bone, muscle tissue, organs, every cell) is mostly made up of fluid, within cells and without. Largely fluid Connective tissue interconnects and converses through the electro-chemical nature of water throughout the whole body. A BCST practitioner is able to feel a tidal movement of this fluid.


What to expect in a session

At Shanti Therapy our first session will begin by discussing current concerns or issues you may have. I will also gather a history of significant experiences that may have left an impression on your health.
You will then be invited to lie on the therapy table clothed made comfortable with pillows, bolsters and blankets. Loose, comfortable clothing is best.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy involves gentle, held touch. During your session typical places of contact will be your head, neck, shoulders, back, the sacrum (which is at the base of your spine), your stomach area and feet.
During the course of the session I endeavour to support your system to settle and seek stillness. This can feel incredibly peaceful.
It is in this state that-
You may become more aware of bodily sensations.
Your system is able to recognise places of dis–ease and held tension.
Your system can initiate change towards health.

Throughout the session these effects may feel like gentle flutters, twitches in your arms or legs, heat, sensations of lengthening, bending or movement of fluids and tissues. Held emotions may also release.

Please allow 45 minutes to an hour for a session.

BCST Treatment

What are the Benefits

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy may lead the body to release restriction and dis-ease to allow health and greater well being to come into place. BCST is a holistic therapy, which may have favourable effects on physical, mental and emotional trauma.

Clients report “a sense of extreme relaxation never experienced before, tension released, more energy, alive, resilience, clarity of thought and calmness. “

With a series of treatments clients may expect to feel alleviation in symptoms, a sense of greater well-being, a change away from held patterns of experience or trauma in the body. With renewed vitality, life can take on a renewed sense of direction with new ways of relating to others.


Conditions that respond

Antenatal Craniosacral Therapy

Antenatal Craniosacral Therapy may support the Mother’s body to adjust to the naturally happening physical, emotional (hormonal) and psychological changes.  By calming the Mother’s system, symptoms of nausea, headaches, back and pelvic pain may be alleviated. A sense of balance and renewed energy can then be redirected to the health of Mum and Baby. By relaxing tension the health of the body and mind may be optimised in readiness for the birth.

Post Natal CST for new Mother’s

Post Natal CST may help the new Mother’s body process and integrate the physical and emotional experiences of birthing. By assisting Mother’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems to return to original health, focus can be directed to caring for the new born in a calm and balanced state.

Babies and Toddlers

For Babies and Toddlers the birthing experience and time in utero may have lead to some experiencing trauma leading to torsion or constrictive patterns remaining in the body. BCST may support their systems to release trauma, which if left unresolved may be held in the body, affecting health. By calming issues with feeding, sleep, colic, reflux and digestion may all settle. It is helpful to treat Baby and Mother as their systems very much respond as one.

Children’s Heath

BCST can have a calming effect on the child’s system, allowing balance and release of tension. Renewed energy, focus, mental clarity, better sleep patterns and lowered anxiety may all come into play. Supporting their system towards health and better well-being can change the way they relate with others in their home and school environment.

Post Traumatic Stress

BCST may help the body, mind and spirit release trauma that can be affecting the system physically, emotionally and mentally. By working holistically, the client is supported to connect with the body’s own ability to self repair where the healing is self paced and gentle, releasing held tension as the body is ready.

Sprains/strains/swelling and long term pain

Sprains/strains/swelling and long term pain all may respond favourably to BCST by encouraging reorganisation of fluids and tissues and balancing the Central and Autonomic Nervous Systems.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety may be lowered by the balancing effect BCST can have on the Autonomic Nervous System. An activated nervous system may lead to secondary health issues such as poor sleep, disrupted bowel function, low energy and digestive disorders. The calming effect of BCST may give relief to these health issues also.

The holistic calming and rebalancing effects of BCST may resolve hormonal and emotional issues.

Hormonal and Emotional Issues

Hormones and emotions may settle and come into balance with Craniosacral therapy. The balancing and toning down of the Autonomic and Central nervous systems can have a wonderful effect on other systems in the body such as the Neuroendocrine system  (glands and hormone production) and the Limbic system (which supports functions including emotion, behaviour and motivation)

Many other conditions may have favourable outcomes with BCST, some of these are:

  • Congestion
  • Fatigue
  • Dental, jaw, TMJ trauma
  • Digestive issues
  • Headaches
  • Sinusitis
  • Sleep disorders

Feel free to contact me with enquiries about whether BCST could guide your body to greater health

BCST is a valuable resource as a Complimentary Therapy during times of dealing with severe illness.


A Brief History of Cranial Work

Around 100 years ago Osteopath Dr W.G. Sutherland developed a different approach known as the ‘Cranial Concept’. A few notable Osteopaths further developed the concept until Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy evolved and was taught to none Osteopaths. There is now an International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings consisting of eight schools.